Hi I'm Alana

A UX designer, breaking boundaries between disciplines.

I love learning all things digital!

I am always looking for the next big thing in the innovative space to improve efficiency of everyday life.

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Ux mixture's User Centric Design

It's simple steps to get the right design before getting the design right!
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In the discovery phase, we focus our primary and secondary research around the business and the user. These research are conducted in relation to the proposed problem provided by the client.


From understanding the business and the user from our discovery phase. We can then define what the particular needs and problems that exist for both the business and the user.


From the holistic insights gathered in the defining phase, concept ideas are then generated from both business and user needs.


Following the ideation phase, all the ideas are consolidated with the chosen prioritised features. We then start rapidly sketching / prototyping these ideas into the proposed concept solution.


Once we had a form of prototype established, it necessary to check that we are solving the proposed problem via variety of methods. This could be testing directly on the prototype or on a holistic view, design proposed artefacts such as a sitemap and customer journey map.


Insights from validate phase are taken on board for further implementation and testing until the end of project sprint. The continuous cycle of build, validate and iterate ensures a more refined and solid concept solution as an end product.

You can also download uxmixture's holistic project approach
and see how user centric design fits in!

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What's it like working with Alana?

'Relentless' is the word that comes to mind when I think about Alana. Her ability to not only juggle multiple projects but also doing whatever it takes to meet deadlines made her a standout of the team. She is always supportive of colleagues and is a joy to be around.

Jin Lim Associate Director, Innovations and Creative at Potentiate

She’s multi-talented with strong skills across visual design, UX design, coding, and project management. She's easy to work with and thoughtful.

Oliver Bannatyne Experience Designer (UX/CX) / Strategy / Product Manager

She is very professional and efficient in her approach to work, and she is dedicated to her tasks. Alana was heavily involved in tech spec discussions and sign-offs with the software development team,providing her valuable input from a UX perspective.

Sugumar Supramaniam Project Manager at Potentiate

I have worked along side her in multiple large scale projects and saw her moved out of her comfort zone from design to development in code. The logic and concepts conveyed to her has produced successful outcomes by how she communicates and her contributes to the requirements of a project.

Adrian Teh Senior Developer at Potentiate

I had the pleasure of working with Alana to execute numerous sales, marketing and product development initiatives. She is an amazing visual designer who is highly skilled in website design, data visualisation, business intelligence dashboard design, stunning email newsletters and templates.

Tim Pickard Head of Mid-Market Sales & Account Management, ANZ SAS

Alana is a unique talent, equally as skilled at managing time & projects as she is creatively. Working alongside her on accounts such as CBA, what impressed me the most are her composure under pressure, communication with colleagues, multi-tasking and ability to meet a deadline are second to none.

Christopher Bayliss Associate consultant at Potentiate


If you have a project that you want to get started, think you need my help or just fancy saying hi.
Please email me or connect on linkedin
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