Project Summary

    2.5 weeks for idea to wireframe prototyping.
  • ROLE :
    User Experience Designer, Project Manager and User Interaction designer. Part of a 3 person UX consultant team.
    Stakeholder Interviews, Competitor Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, Usability Testing, Google Analytics, Sitemap, Surveys, Personas, Feature Priorisation Mapping, Co Design Workshop, Sketching, Interactive Prototyping, Customer Journey Map, Service Blueprint and Content Strategy.
  • TOOLS :
    Axure, Invision, Lookback, Excel, Photoshop, Keynote, Google Drive and Google Analyitics.
    Presentation, Interactive Prototype, Annotated Wireframes


Car Next Door is a peer to peer car sharing service. Currently they have an imbalanced ratio of 1 car owner to 30 car borrowers which limits the growth of the business because there is a lack of supply for cars. Our challenge was to increase the customer engagement of the car owner onboarding process which will improve car owner conversion rates.


We approached the problem by defining the scope of our solution. This was done by getting a more holistic view of the problem through drawing up a sitemap and conducting a customer journey map. Consequently, we found that not only did the sign up pages needed to be redesigned, but also the pages before them (i.e. homepage and car owner pages). This meant the entire website structure needed to be redesigned.


The solution recommended is a revamp of their website structure and their form to create a better user experience. incorporating an easy, efficient and trustworthy sign up process (from awareness to usage). User concerns as a car owner and borrower has been also been addressed by educating them in more prominent website layout.

Design Process Overview

    • Business Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Comparative Analysis
    • Stakeholder Interview
    • Heuristic Evaluation
    • Usability Testing
    • Google Analytics
    • Survey
    • Personas
    • Current Sitemap
    • Current Customer Journey Map
    • Feature Priorisation Map
    • Co-design Workshop
    • Rapid Sketching
    • Paper Prototyping
    • Wireframing
    • Interactive Prototyping
    • Usabilty Testing
    • Proposed Sitemap
    • Proposed Customer Journey Map
    • Repeat stages
    Build & Validation
    until end of project sprint.

You can download the indepth casestudy in pdf below.
Download Car Next Door Casestudy