Project Summary

    Over the course of 9 weeks. University Subject
  • ROLE :
    User Experience Designer, User Interface, Interaction Designer, video editor.
    Secondary research, sketching, user scenario, user flow, rapid usability testing.
  • TOOLS :
    Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Powerpoint
    Concept video, presentation.


Studies show that car traffic volume and average travelling speeds are directly connected to the quality of public transport. With the increasing availability of smart phones, opportunities emerge for implementing context specific, single-purpose applications to improve public transport experience within Sydney, Australia.


Understanding the problems that exist in the public transport space via primary and secondary research. The mobile concept solution aims to improve the public transport experience by providing helpful knowledge for Passengers, Train driver and Transit officers. It alerts others anonymously about what is happening (like crime stoppers) by initiating a community watch to look out for each other during travels on trains.


CARRIAGE WATCH alerts other passengers in regards to personal safety within carriages on CityRail train lines with an initiative and efficient way of reporting them.

Advance Interaction Design (AXID) : University subject was closely monitored by Lecturer course coordinator Martin Tomitsch, Tutor Stefan Bachl and James Hiscock.

This concept was one of the few selected to be published in the book delicate to using emerging technologies to improve the user experience of public transport! Read more about the publication with a preview click here

Indepth case study coming soon!