WHISK multitouch table (2010)

Project Summary

    Over the course of 9 weeks. University Subject
  • ROLE :
    User Experience Designer, Interaction Designer, video editor, visual support and producer. Part of a 3 person team, working closely with developer and user interface designer.
    Personas, user scenario, rapid usability testing.
  • TOOLS :
    Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Powerpoint, Processing
    Concept video, presentation.


The brief was proposed by the design agency Amnesia Razorfish. Amnesia gave Touch Point a fairly broad brief, which was to focus on the kitchen, and how the surfaces within it would be used in the future. The main focus was on conceptualizing blue sky concepts based on future and emerging multi-touch technologies.


From understanding the context of use, personas and user scenario, we are able to understand the underlying factors that motivates a kitchen user to embrace the new technology of a multitouch table.


Touch Point were able to generate an overall working concept which incorporates Blue Sky concepts for future development, when the technology becomes feasible enough to implement. It also incorporates the marking criteria of visualising the complex data of recipes in an engaging user centric experience.

Information Visualisation : the university subject was closely monitored by Lecturer Elmar Trefz, Tutor Stefan Bachl and course coordinator Martin Tomitsch.

Indepth case study coming soon!